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thanks to mr. wang's help, i have made great progress in learning english. 感谢王老师的帮助,让我在学习英语方面有很大的进步.

We all need other's help, especially when we are in difficulties. I remember when I started to learn English in primary school, I was poor in it.I even couldn't pronounce the words correctly. My English teacher Miss Sun noticed it and came to help me.

Yesterday,my mum took me to the park. We took a bus there. When the bus stoped at a bus stop.There came an old woman. My mum standed up and gave her seat to the old lady.She told me that she likes to help others because she will get happy

Today, Xiao Ming asked me to do a cone, I promise. The very next day, I gave it to him, he again and again thank me, I said no thanks. Then I found that to help others is a happy thing.

English is the most important language in the world and it is one of the most important subjects in junior high so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so we should spend lots of time on it every day.

Everyone needs helps and everyone can help others. For example,If one day,your classmate is on dute.maybe you could help him to clean up the classroom.You may ask me why i help him?It doesn't have any good ways for me.You are wrong. When

This morning I went to the classroom at seven o'clock because I was on duty today. Of course I was the first one. I was cleaning the blackboard when Li Ming came into the classroom. I asked her, "Who do you come here so early?" She answered

As community volunteers, my classmates and I go to the drop-in centre to help with things of which we are capable every or every other Saturday afternoon.There are many old people and children who are not able to return home temporarily. The old

你好!帮助我的父母 如有疑问,请追问.

help each other this morning i went to the classroom at seven o'clock because i was on duty today. of course i was the first one. i was cleaning the blackboard when li ming came into the classroom. i asked her, "who do you come here so early?"


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