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1 )a (large) number of / (large) numbers of + 可数名词复数 A number of birds have flown to the south. 许多的鸟已经飞去南方. Large numbers of visitors are from all over the world. 很多旅游者都是来自世界各地. 2)a large/huge amount of / large

表示发生的英语有 happen表示偶然发生 短语有take place不是偶然的 还有occur比较通用

I. 重点短语 1. Sit down 2. on duty 3. in English 4. have a seat 5. at home 6. look like 7. look at 8. have a look 9. come on 10. at work 11. at school 12. put on 13. look after 14. get up 15. go shopping II. 重要句型 1. help sb. do sth. 2. What about…? 3.

英语中有许多词语可用来表示“许多”,根据性质可分为三大类. 1)修饰可数名词复数形式的有 many, a good/great many, quite a few, a large (或great)/small number of等,其后的谓语动词用复数形式.如: 英语中有许多词语可用来表示

feel ill,have a fever,catch a cold,have a high fever,headache,stomachache

so 有的时候可以表示结果,比如:there was no one there, so I went away accordingly 在此同意:the thing had to be done. Accordingly we did it.consequently =as a result 亦做:in consequently: by consequently 从句句式:with the result /consequence that +从句 at the end ; at last 等等都可以引出结果

in a car, in a queue, in advance of (在…前面), in all the direction, in appearance, in corners(在角落里) in doors, in front (of), in good light(在光线好的地方), in heaven, in place(position)(在适当地位置), in places(处处), in port(在

a great deal of plenty of a great many of many a a large amount [quantity] of lots of a lot of

所以:副词 consequently, therefore, thus, thence 连词 forasmuch, so 介词短语 as a result of

1)as well (副词)也;同样地 We should stick to the principles and be flexible as well.我们既要有原则性, 也要有灵活性.2)as well as (连词)也;不但……而且…… She can play tennis as well as basketball.她也会打篮球,也会打网球.


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