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Dear dad You raise me up, let me have the life. You are my beloved friends and relatives, as the saying goes : a father's love. Your love as high as a mountain, let me feel warm. Your kindness to me to return," who grass-inch heart, return in the

dear parents you recently had good? i miss you, leaving you already have more than two months, i am in the school all right. my teachers and classmates are very friendly to me. they often help me with my study. now i am learning grades have

Dear Dad, Today is father's day, for so many years I've been seekig a way to express my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. Here comes it! Thank you for always being there sharing my life when I need you most. Whenever I encounter

A letter for my parents 意思就是给我父母的一封信. A letter for your parents 意思就是给你父母的一封信 A lerrer for parents 意思就是给父母的一封信 我觉得写给父母应该温馨一点.

Yesterday was Father's Day. I had planned to give my father a present. But I didn't remember it until in the morning.It was too late to post a card to him. So I decided to buy something. When I was in the department store. I found it was not easy for me

Dear mom and dad,32313133353236313431303231363533e59b9ee7ad9431333335336532It has been two weeks since I last wrote to you. I am so sorry that I don't write you very often. However, I have been busy with my preparation for the final

Dear parents,How is everything these days? I miss you very much.I am very happy at my new shool. My teachers and shoolmates are very friendly to me .They ofen help me with my study.Now I am not worried about my English because I make a lot of

May 3, 2008 Dear Family, You must be greatly surprised when you get this letter, not from anyone else but from your dearest son, since I have never written a letter for ages in such a traditional way. The purpose of my writing is not so much to express

给爸爸的一封信: a letter to dad.

Dear father:I think you are not only my father but also my friend,my best friend!When I was a child,you teached me a lot of things such as walking,saying,counting numbers and so on.You also teached me how to communcate with others.And you


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