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wherever you live, wahtever you do, whenever you need, book is a faithful friend to you. you can find knowledge, you can fell peaceful and you can be substantial from the book .so, make a frrend with book, maybe, it is a good way which can help you to be a wise man. this is book, we always need it.

book书 magazine杂志 work著作 literature文学作品,文献 reader初级读物

book , dictionary, note, encyclopaedia, guidebook,periodical,magazine,reference

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你好!book 英[bk] 美[bk] n. 书; 卷; 课本; 账簿; vt. 预订; vt. 登记; (向旅馆、饭店、戏院等) 预约; 立案(控告某人); 订立演出契约; [例句]His eighth book came out earlier this year and was an instant best-seller 他的第8本书在今年早些时候面世,迅速成为了畅销书.


magazine杂志 science-fiction科幻小说 play剧本 thesis论文 essay散文,论文 comic漫画 cartoon卡通 newspaper报纸

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english book前面加学科的英语

1. clothes 衣服,服装 2. wardrobe 服装 3. clothing 服装 4. habit 个人依习惯.身份而着的服装 5. ready-made clothes, ready-to-wear clothes 成衣 6. garments 外衣 7. town clothes 外衣 8. double-breasted suit 双排扣外衣 9. suit 男外衣 10. dress 女服


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