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W:Good after gentlmen.welcome to parklane wester restaurant.How many person are there in your party?中午好,先生们.欢迎来到柏丽西餐厅.请问总共有几位呢?G:Three.三位.W:Would you like to sit smoking or no somking.您们喜欢坐吸烟

原发布者:py幸福天使 餐厅点餐英语口语情景对话大家好,我是豆子.许多朋友都问在国外的餐厅怎么样点餐,我今天准备了小对话跟大家分享一些基本词汇和短语帮助你可以顺利的点餐买单,希望对大家有所帮助.我们下面的对话是从两个朋

A:Good afternoon, welcome to our restaurant. If reserved room, here please.B:Thank you.A:Sorry to bother you, please let me hang your clothes up. Are there any precious things inside? B:Yes, please take out my mobile. Excuse me, may I know how

-Good evening, sir. A table for two? -Yes, by the window, please. -This way, please. -Thank you. -Good evening, please take your seats, gentlemen. Here are the menus. Would you like to order an aperitif? -I'll have a Campari and soda. What

Emma: Are you ready to order? 埃玛:您现在可以点菜吗? Hugh: Yeah I think I am actually. Could I just have the soup to start please. 休:是的,可以.请先给我来一份例汤,好吗今日的例汤是什么? Emma: That's minestrone, is that all right

man:This resturant is very good.Do you want to have a try with me?woman:OK!Let's go.waiter:Welcome to our resturant!How many people?man:2.waiter:oh,I see.Please follow me .This is your table.man&woman:Thanks.waiter:Here's the manu.man:I


bon appétit 用餐愉快,开始的时候说Cheers 干杯Help yourself 别客气场景的话,服务员会说Would you like.?你想要什么what would you prefer..or..?你更喜欢哪个经理会问外国客户,would you like to try some.?你愿意尝尝吗? Do you

A: What can I do for you, sir?先生,您要来点什么? B: What have you got this morning?今天早上你们这儿有什么? A: Fruit juice, cakes and refreshments, and everything.水果汁、糕点、各种茶点等等,应有尽有. B: I'd like to have a glass of

A是服务员B是客人 A: What can I do for you? B: I want some food. But I don't know what to eat. A: Would you like some beefsteak? perhaps you want to try it. Charcoal grilled beef tenderloin with garlic potato and Minestrone soup, OK? B: It sounds


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