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你可以制作ppt,让自己的阐述更有力,也可以避免紧张的情绪发生.最好是有图片展示,浅显易懂,做完ppt自己留意熟悉一下整个过程,演练几遍,做到完美.当然,presentation成功的最重要因素就是自信.good luck to you!

First, I will establish the context of the case study and summarize the silemma and the positions. Then, I will introduce two experts and contrast both perspectives. Finally, I will express my opinion on this case study.因为一共有三个部分,所以:first, then, finally.

1.要有一个结构清晰内容准确的PPT (1)PPT应该包含的内容: ① Outline(概括Presentation的主要内容) ② Main Body(Presentation的主体部分,根据Outline分点阐述) ③ Conclusion(针对整个Presentation做一个summary) ④ Q & A section

1.要有一个结构清晰内容准确的PPTPPT应该包含的内容:① Outline(概括Presentation的主要内容)② Main Body(Presentation的主体部分,根据Outline分点阐述)③ Conclusion(针对整个Presentation做一个summary)④ Q & A section(用于


首先,我建议你做note card,当然不是要把所有要讲的都写下来,而是写下outline,其次,自己要对着镜子多练习,做到口齿清晰,一边做要一边想象自己是在大家面前做presentation,当然你还要搜索大量的资料.

How to Be a Successful Student OUT LINE1 Learning How to LearnMemorize new information, rules and concepts - often tedious and boring.Assimilate and organize this information - often hard, but interesting.Use this information to analyze,

if you are gonna speak for ten minutes, that is a whole presentation. so you might need researches on the internet, a few graphs, and maybe some discussion questions after that. i can display some points for you, but not the whole presentaion scipt

建议参加专业的培训,学习和充电!要有一个结构清晰内容准确的PPT(1)PPT应该包含的内容:① Outline(概括Presentation的主要内容)② Main Body(Presentation的主体部分,根据Outline分点阐述)③ Conclusion(针对整个Presentation做


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